1. Return of product purchased through the internet site or phone is possible up to 14 days from the date of purchase. The
customer will receive a refund or credit as described by this document, in case the following conditions present:
A. Product was returned in its original package and no visible damage was made to the item and its package.
B. Product was not opened.
C. Product was not used.
2. The company will refund the customer the same method the payment was received– Credit card will be refunded
through the credit company.
3. Return of the product will not be possible after the passage of 14 days.
4. In a case where the customer decided to cancel the order, the company is allowed to take 5% of the order’s sum as a
cancellation fee.
5. In case the product was provided to the customer, the customer is obligated to return the product to the company.
It is agreed upon that the customer will return the product complete, unharmed, without any kind of damage and with the
bill attached.
6. Both parties agree that the customer will pay the full sum of the delivery even before receiving the product, that is, in
case the product has already been sent.
Privacy policy and site procedures
When you provide us with information by using pure-mineralis.com (the site), we respect your privacy. It is important to
understand what the information we collect during your visit is and what we do with that information. Your visit on the site is
subjected to the privacy policy listed below and subjected to the terms of use. It should be noted that the privacy policy
determines only the information that was given to the site from the Pure Mineral Dead Sea Cosmetics company (the company).
This policy does not apply for any other information that concerns the company’s products or concerns the site that was made
with providers or other shops. Privacy and site procedures are written in male form for comfort reasons only, but apply to women
and men as one.
1. Collection of identifying personal information
We do not collect identifying personal information about you, except what you provide us. For example, if you decide to fill
out a survey or user registration form by document or on the internet, you might be asked to provide certain details, such as
your contact information (name, email address, address and phone number), age group, gender or cosmetic problems, and
the products you use. If you decide to place an order, you will be asked to provide information about the delivery address,
the payment address, credit card number and its expiration date. To protect your personal information, users on the site are
asked to log in using a username/email address and password.
If you prefer us to not collect information that allows your personal identification, please do not provide us with such
When you send your personal information on the site, you give your approval on collecting, using and seeing your
information as detailed in the privacy policy that is on the site.
2. The use of identifying information
If you choose to receive information during the registration process on the site or during other opportunities when sending
personal information, the information that you provide could be used by the company for making and providing you with
newsletters, surveys or other communication forms that include information about products, tips about cosmetics and/or
sales on products. If you prefer to not get emails from the site, please do not select the option of receiving information. If
you chose to receive information and then decide that you do not want to receive said information anymore, you can cancel
your choice to receive information.
If you chose to give us your contact information, for example, by registration to the site, we may provide you message
services that that are linked to the site or contact you about your requests or orders. For example, every registered user will
receive email to verify their registration. These forms of communication are necessary to serve you and reply to your
concerns, all that to ensure you are getting the highest quality of service that the company offers its customers.
3. There is no distribution of information that allows personal identification for third party advertizing without your promotion.
We will not provide information that allows personal identification to third parties for advertizing their products or services
without your promotion.
4. Use of accumulated information
We may use information (that is not personal) that you provided in the accumulation form for inside business related
purposes, such as making statistics for the development of advertisement plans. We may collect, store and accommodate
information that is not personal regarding your use of the site, such as information about which of our pages are the most
popular. We may share or pass on information that is not personal to our partners or third parties.
5. Children under the age of 13
This site in not intended for children, we do not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 13.
6. Links
This site may include links from other sites or to other sites. For your information, we are not responsible for the privacy
policies of other sites. This privacy policy only applies to the information we collect on the site. We advise you to read the
privacy policies of other sites that are connected or linked to this site.
7. Security
We may implement various security measures in accordance to the industrial standards in order to protect the security of
your personal information. If you have any questions about the security of this site, you can address us using our online form
– contact us.
8. Notice of changes
We may change our privacy policy every once in a while. In case we decide to change our privacy policies, we will
announce our fixed policy here. As we are able to make changes at any given time without informing you, we advise you to
take a look at this privacy policy every once in a while. For your information our right to use your personal information will
be based on the privacy policy that will be applied in the time of use of the information.