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What our customers have to say about our products?


"After only a few days I noticed a huge change in the texture and appearance of my skin! Myy skin is usually so dry in the winter but since using a combination of the Pur eMineral products my skin has never felt better." -Demi


"So many people have been asking me what product I am using as my skin has a very obvious natural glow! Pure Mineral are the best thing that's ever happened to me!!" -Elina


"Hey hey, just so you know, i've used other facial peeling products before and yours actually DOING THE JOB!!! My face is actually smooth for change! THANKSSS" -Etti


"The body peeling, the lavender, it's smell AMAZING plus it is really peels off a layer of roughness..." -Gila


"It's unbelievable! You got me precisely the products I needed! The Mud-Salt Soap and the Facial Cleansing Toner are just rare... the oil on my skin balanced off and the breakouts have just gone! Recommending to all my friends!" -Maya


"Thank you! This soap (Mud-Salt Soap) does magic! I am very satisfied with it. I can feel the change on my face. My face are brighter and all the breakouts just gone, Thank you." -Susan


"Listen, I love your products!! Also, waiting for the mask (Glamor Mud Mask). Please don't forget me soon as it's back in stock" -Mor


"Thanks! I finally got rid of make-up as a breakout cover. My face are SMOOTHHH thanks to that (Mud-Salt Soap + Facial Cleaning Toner). Highly recommending to all." -Karen 


 "Not every product out there fits my skin type, yours proser" -Shelly


"I'm really happy with the BB Cream" -Ruth


"My first use (Body Peeling Lavender) went very well." -Moriya 


"The soap (Mud-Salt Soap) really helped for my breakouts" -Ma'ayan


"I am 45 years in this field (cosmetician). Ever since my clients started using your products they stick to it." -Mazal


"I just applied the Glamor (Glamor Mud Mask) and I feel shiny!" -Yarin


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